Zapp Insects. Brighten your world

The Revolutionary ZappLight is a 2-in-1 energy-saving light bulb that also kills pesky insects. Lower your power bill while enjoying a well-lit, bug-free home!
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How it works

The ZappLight is a 920 lumen bulb that doubles as a insect killer. The light features a blue LED which attracts insects into a bug-zapping grid.

With minimal power consumption (9W) that translates to a lower power bill, the ZappLight is a chemical-free and easy-to-clean, all-round Winner! See the ZappLight in action below

What it does


There are no chemicals, no sprays and hence no fumes with ZappLight. The light is inherently safe and easy to clean.


The bug-zapping grid uses only 1W of electricity, while the light itself uses a meager 9W – and both can be used independently.


A blue LED attracts mosquitoes and other insects into a bug-zapping grid. The grid covers 500 sq. ft of space and keeps your whole house bug-free